16-18 year olds

Here are our plans for the upcoming season.  Please read carefully and ensure you have completed the registration process before attending any sessions.

Although our junior program only goes up to under-16's we are going to have an open session for 16-to-18 year olds every Sunday.  This will take the form of a one hour open run, so there will be no coaching or refereeing and players will be expected to divide themselves into groups/teams.

Our hope is that some of the players from this group will also join some of the men's teams practices to move into our senior program. While there will be no coaching during this session, there will be coaches on site to supervise.

Start date: Sunday 12th September 2021

Times: 2:30 to 3:30

Venue: Tresham College, Kettering (entrance to sports hall is around the left side of the building and up the steps)


We are continuing with the procedures adopted last year so everybody needs to register beforehand and pay monthly in advance.

To register, email Luke (lucas.hutcherson@gmail.com) with your child's name and date of birth. He will provide you with a club registration form, details of where to send the payment and instructions to register with England Basketball.  Please note that we have to deal with a parent/guardian rather than directly with a player until that player is 18.

There is no annual registration fee for the club in 2021/22 but you will have to pay £8.50 with your annual England Basketball registration.  You will need to do this to obtain an EB registration number to enable you to also register with our club.  Our monthly fee is £12 and we should train every week so it is in your interest not to miss sessions. 

If sessions are cancelled for any reason we will move the renewal date for the next monthly payment so you don't miss out.  If your child misses sessions due to illness/isolation or injury then we will consider requests to give you a credit against future monthly payments but we do not issue refunds.

Session Rules and Restrictions

At the time of writing, the official position is the England Basketball is allowing sessions to go ahead and encouraging teams to set their own rules. We continue to take the Covid-19 pandemic extremely seriously and therefore the following rules will remain in place:

- Our coaches will continue to wear face coverings

- Unless the weather is terrible, we'll keep the doors open for ventilation

- Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will remain available

- Players will be expected to arrive on time to register but will no longer need a questionnaire/temperature check

- If your child is unwell, even if their symptoms are mild, please do not bring them to the session

- Parents will not be allowed in the sports hall but can watch through the doors from outside

- We reserve the right to ask players to leave if protocols are not followed or behaviour is otherwise unacceptable

If an unregistered player wishes to attend a session, the cost is £5 for the session payable on the day although we will allow you to offset this cost against your first monthly payment if you then register.  However, we would prefer unregistered players not to attend so if you are reading this and wish to attend, please contact us to register.


There are currently no regular tournaments available for this age group but if the opportunity for a friendly match or tournament arises we will explore this.

**All of the above information is potentially subject to change if there are changes to the Covid guidelines or unexpected levels of demand. However, we will seek to keep such changes to a minimum and will contact parents/guardians of all registered players to give you as much notice as possible**